the story begins....

with my devotion to following my family across high desert plains and low lying dry river beds throughout my childhood in search of the art in the rocks formed by forces no one truly understands.  Petrified Wood, Picture Jasper, Moss Agates, and Obsidian were among the obsessions. 

Today, I still hunt for art formed by forces no one can ever know.  The art of metals - especially copper left in the elements for decades.  Copper roofing materials that have been touched by secrets in the sky and elements in the rain to form layers and layers of magical stories.  All beautiful.  All gracious. 

For many years I have searched the dumpsters, chased down the addresses with demolition notices, and flagged down trucks on route to the dump.  I have spent hours digging around my local scrap metal yard looking for the truly wild moments in an old copper gutter or flashings.  For years I have cut these remarkable stories up into little works of art to sell as jewelry. 

Now, finally, I offer these moments as photos to keep forever.  Limited forever because I will need to cut them into little pieces forming other treasures for art jewelry collectors around the world.




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low-impact jewelry

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Established in 1992, my very successful line of jewelry known by the name

 "Currents-low impact jewelry"

is completely made from found objects - especially my ancient copper from ancient homes demolished on Maui.


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